Our Services


Custom Fabrication

ESA delivers solutions that help our customers maximize their profit. Our fabrication and assembly resources include:
1. Water Jetting and Machining
2. Powder Coating and Painting
3. CNC Punch Machines
4. Metal Machining
5. Hot Dipped Galvanizing
6. Brake, Shear, and Cutting
7. Tooling and Grinding
8. Steel, Aluminum, and Copper – Tubing, Flat Metal, Bar Stock

Engineered Solutions

ESA offers pre-fabrication of receptacles, switches, light fixtures, disconnects, stub ups, switch gear and many other components. Bringing ESA onboard to assist with assembly will:
1. Reduce labor costs
2. Increase efficiency
3. Improve quality
4. Reduce the amount of job site clean up

Pipe Bending

ESA can bend Electrical Metallic Tubing (EMT), Intermediate Metallic Conduit (IMC), Galvanized Ridged Conduit (GRC), PVC Coated GRC (OCAL, ROB ROY, PERMA COAT), Aluminum Ridged Conduit, and brass conduit. Our pipe size capacity ranges between ½” to 6” diameters. ESA can bend offsets, and the more challenging 90’s, kicks, and special radius bends.  ESA bends standard pipe of 18”, 24”, 36”, 48”, 60” radius 90’s.  By having five (5) bending machines on hand, we are able to meet the ongoing demand for our rapid and consistently accurate bending services.



ESA has an extremely talented and experienced staff of welders who work with a wide variety of materials; steel and aluminum pipe, tubing, bar stock, and flat metal. Odds are good that you have seen our work on wall hung and floor-mounted transformer stack racks, landscaping posts and pedestals, bollards for SES protection, temporary power structures, and more. Our post welding finishing types include Powder Coating, Hot Dip Galvanizing, and Sand Blasting.


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