Uniquely designed mobile workstation that opens 90 degrees and features a foldaway print table, two workbench tops, onboard vise, and material storage. The Speed Station keeps you mobile with the materials and tools you need as your project progresses.


Patent pending purposeful design to help you work smarter and faster

Workbench height clamshell design with foldaway plan table
Purpose-built shelving designed to hold tools and materials in a lockable cabinet
Charging shelf with pass-through power outlet ready for battery tool chargers
Integrated vise for safe/easy cutting of conduit/strut or to hold boxes for knockouts
Optional chain vise for IMC/GRC cutting or threading
Retractable hooks for ladder or conduit storage
Replaceable vinyl whiteboard surface
6” heavy-duty locking casters
Optional attachment for GB B1000 Portable Cyclone Bender


time wasting trips avoided

Fetch Material

Grab Ladder

Check Prints

Find Work Bench

Cut Strut & Rod

Get rid of time wasting trips with Speed Station on projects. Load the Speed Station in the morning with conduit, strut, a large amount of material, blueprints or a computer, tools and up to 2 ladders and be all set for your workday.

One Speed Station

Eliminate 4 time wasting trips per day

Save 10 hours per week

Pays for itself in about 5 weeks

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